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5 Ways to Use Business Intelligence to Your Advantage

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The construction industry is riddled with complexities, and at times it can feel impossible to survive the many ups and downs of a construction project. Business intelligence can help lessen the burden of unpredictability. 

Here are five ways new and seasoned construction professionals can use business intelligence in construction projects. 

1. Make Use of Cloud Platforms 

Construction projects involve a lot of parties, like owners, accountants, project managers, contractors, etc. With so many moving parts, cloud platforms make information easily accessible at a moment’s notice. A cloud platform not only puts current information at your fingertips, it also acts as a searchable archive to uncover solutions for past issues. Take BuildBinder for example—as a cloud-based construction information management system, the platform helps your company generate more profits and deliver projects on time, by making information available, searchable and ultimately useful. 

2. Put Big Data to Work

Big data is trending not only in the construction industry, but most other industries as well, and it’s being used as a tool to improve the decision-making process. Big data and analytics help gather, sort and analyze information in large quantities, which makes it easier to manage multiple projects at once. Your firm can expect to improve insights on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a construction project when big data is applied.  

3. Win Big with Data Visualization

One of the most effective and persuasive ways to present the results or predictions of a construction project is with data visualization. After all, what good is a high volume of data if owners and employees can’t make good sense of it. Some of the best applications to create charts, infographics and other visually pleasing presentation materials are listed here

4. Keep in Touch with Collaborative Tools

Successful construction projects require collaboration across teams, and this is where instant messaging and shared drives can come in handy. BuildBinder offers options for easy collaboration, which helps increase work efficiency and minimize miscommunication. 

5. Stay on Top of Things with Time-Tracking Applications

Time sheets and time diaries can be a construction professional’s best friend or worst enemy. Despite this rocky relationship, employee performance and hours must be properly tracked to ensure your project delivers on time and on budget. Time-tracking applications support transparency in construction projects by delivering clear evidence on working hours and proposed results, as well as a clear billing scheme. BuildBinder can also help you with this. 

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