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How to Inspire Accountability in Your Company

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Accountability isn’t just about systems and processes, it’s also about people, teams and leadership. A streamlined process, transparency and clear KPIs can set your company up for success as ReliablePlant eloquently puts it, but it’s the interpersonal elements of accountability that inspire your company to not just grow, but thrive. 

The key element of accountability relies on the leadership of your organization. Does your company have a system to measure and evaluate success for long and short term projects? Are employees encouraged to take ownership of company-wide projects and initiatives? Hopefully, you’ve answered yes to each of these questions, but in case you are still on the fence, here are some powerful tips on how to inspire accountability in your company. 

Set clear goals and expectations for leadership and employees. 

Performance standards, work procedures and work policies should establish expectations for work conduct and the quality of work. With this in place, your workforce will have a clear idea of what productivity and good performance look like at your company.   

Strive for a company culture built on transparency. 

Never underestimate the power of transparent communication. The more informed your workforce, the more motivated they will be to contribute to the success of the company. Encourage employees to provide feedback on company-wide initiatives. Create channels for town hall style communications, as well as anonymous reporting, to support a transparent work environment. This is a great opportunity to invite team members to participate and communicate more through your construction project management solution

Host regular check-in meetings for projects and initiatives. 

A lack of ownership in key initiatives is perhaps one of the major reasons why projects are put at risk. Set up regular meetings to discuss the overall status of projects and initiatives, and be sure to cover items like project execution, known issues and performance monitoring. Recurring meetings help employees internalize the success of a given project. These meetings also hold your workforce accountable to report on the success or hindrance of a given project.

Match outstanding behavior with positive reward. 

Positive reinforcement can go a long way toward boosting the accountability of your workforce. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting an incentive for great performance, even if it’s just an acknowledgement at a big company meeting. As a direct result of positive rewards, your team will naturally become highly motivated to succeed. Over time, you’ll begin to see the passion of your workforce increase, and employees will thrive in the system of positive reward you’ve created. 

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