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Concrete in Modern Construction Projects

The Apex of a Modern Building seen from the bottom.

Construction has evolved along with world history. Since the ancient Roman Empire, concrete has been a major component used in the most wondrous constructions. Although contemporary concrete based edifices might come across as cold solid cubes, one has to find the right person to combine art and structural knowledge to render breath taking concrete based structures. 


Concrete throughout time

Certainly, reinforced concrete is not a contemporary invention. The Colosseum has been standing for almost 2,000 years now, and although time has done its corrosive damage, to this day the building steals gasps from international visitors. As time went by, other civilizations and technologies added to concrete's strength and shape.

Demystifying concrete buildings in contemporary times

Fast forward to present day concrete based structures. General perception might fool you into thinking concrete is an emotionless material, used to build soviet-era structures, government facilities, and otherwise sober buildings. However, concrete has a unique property: you can shape it into anything you want. This is why art is so very important to achieve a successful harmonious structure made out of reinforced concrete.

P.L. Nervi offers this as a way of explanation: "Reinforced concrete is the greatest structural material yet devised by mankind. Almost by magic, we have been able to create cast stone of any desired shape, structurally superior, because of its tensile  strength, to natural stone."

World famous architects like Zaha Hadid, Justo García Rubio, Santiago Calatrava, and Tadao Tando to name a few, have managed to deliver jaw dropping, futuristic looking, concrete mega structures. 

Managing costs in concrete based construction projects

Although the list of historical and record breaking concrete based structures goes on, it doesn't mean that you can only use concrete to come up with worldly masterpieces. Great architects can also build concrete towers and homes alike, without tearing through investors' pockets. It's all about finding the perfect balance and combination with other materials. Glass, stainless steel, and even wood can harmoniously compliment concrete to create safe, artful, and cost conscious buildings. 

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