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Change 1% Of Your Company And See The Difference

If you want to improve how your company is run, if you want to improve results and the bottom line, you don't have to make radical and expensive changes. You can do all of this by only changing valuable details. Learn more in this article:


When it comes to procurement of materials or tools, logistics are very important. Ideally, one would have just-in-time materials and tools so that no extra storage is needed. However, in construction there is a delicate balance between having too much inventory or so little that the job can't get done. Make sure that you have an assigned resource to handle logistics along with a digital tool that can help you calculate the amount needed, size, date-of-delivery and date-of-purchase correctly.

Integrate this tool to BuildBinder's construction management solution and make sure the rest of the team knows where and when they can get materials in time for their tasks.

The right sized tools for the right sized tasks

A loader too big or a loader too small can make a great difference for your project's schedule and budget. Make sure to calculate materials and space to maneuver before renting or procuring loaders and other tools. 

Day-to-day management

Do you feel like your day goes by without getting anything done? You need to better organize your day. If by now you haven't heard, multi-tasking is a lie we have been telling ourselves for decades. Truth be told, the brain can only handle one task a time if you want to do it efficiently. It takes about 25 minutes for the brain to refocus on a task after a distraction. That means you lose almost half an hour every time you switch between tasks. 

The best way to organize your day is to schedule one or two tasks in a row and focus on each one at a time. Then, take a 20-minute break, let your brain rest and recover from the work it has done. Resume your tasks for the day, and repeat. 

These little details will save your project valuable time and money. After all "the devil is in the details". 

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