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Be proactive, not reactive

Being proactive in your construction projects saves plenty of resources and money. Although this is a simple concept that many can agree to, there are still many issues that could have been solved before they even came up. Read more about how you can avoid falling into the "I don't have time" trap. 

When we buy a car, we know that every so often we have to return to the shop and leave it there for at least a day for an oil change and general maintenance. We know that if we fail to do this on a regular basis, our cars will break down and cause bigger and costlier problems. Why then, do so many people fail to take their car to the shop on time? Why do so many construction firms go about their projects without making room for downtime on their schedules? Short answer: "I can always do it later" or "there's just not enough time". Here are a few tips that will help you prevent expensive consequences for your project:

If you spot a problem, make room on your schedule to solve it

As any project manager knows, there are known unknowns and there are unknown unknowns. For the latter, we cannot have a specific risk management plan, but we can be quick on our feet. Make sure to make it part of your work policy to communicate any errors or problems as soon as you or someone on your team spots them. You can share it immediately via your construction management software solution accompanied by an email to the appropriate people. 

As soon as it's out there, make sure to make room for this task on your project schedule. It's not enough to call out a problem, you have to solve it before it grows bigger. 

Have a solid risk management plan

Every project should have a risk contingency plan for the known unknowns. Make sure your plan is known by the entire team, so that if anyone notices that the risk has indeed become a reality, the plan is ready to be implemented. 

Get the right insurance policy

Although a lot of construction companies do indeed acquire an insurance policy, they sometimes don't get the right one for their needs. We cannot stress this enough, make sure you read through the fine print and consult with an expert in order to choose the appropriate insurance policy. A limited coverage plan can be money badly spent, and worse, it can cost you dearly in the end. 

Be careful of the dangers of work overload

If for some reason there are schedule overruns or your runway is cut short, project managers try to get in as many extra hours from team members as possible. Be weary of this technique. An overworked team member will not only cost you more in extra hours, but it will also hinder morale. If you need to finish sooner or for some other reason your timeline is compromised, try to outsource work instead. 

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