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What Augmented Reality Means for Construction

In a world where augmented and virtual reality are increasingly finding new applications, one must wonder how they can bring value to the construction industry. Even though this may sound like a new technology, scientists have actually been working with AR construction applications for decades. Read more on how your construction company can leverage augmented reality to get faster and better results. 

We have heard about augmented and virtual reality taking a stronghold in today's technology. Although mostly made trendy by the entertainment industry, the truth is augmented reality can bring great advantages to the construction industry as well. Here are a few ways this technology can not only save you millions of dollars, but it can also democratize the way construction is done.

Architectural visualization

Go beyond AutoCAD and its use in architecture since the 1980s; augmented reality can bring those designs to "life". Dedicated scientists such as Charles Woodward have suggested that public infrastructure can be democratized with augmented reality. In other words, projects like Finland's Guggenheim Museum can be put up for public vote. In fact, today some of Helsinki's public infrastructure projects are being designed and shared via augmented reality so that a more informed and democratic decision can be made. 

Make structural changes before anything is actually done

Thinking about changing something before a single brick is laid down? Augmented reality is your answer. There a number of augmented reality software solutions that can help you visualize potential changes without actually building anything. Imagine all the costs and time that can be saved with this simple solution. 

What about hardware?

Although several options work mostly on smartphones and tablets today, Charles Woodward sees a future in augmented reality glasses. He says that since construction workers already wear hard helmets, these glasses could be easily integrated, making reality and augmented reality work seamlessly. 

Augmented reality in construction is already happening all over the world both in the private and public sectors. Are you implementing this technology into your projects? Remember you can always integrate snapshots or files with your construction software solution

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