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Build a system and your company will succeed

Your construction company may be well known, you may have several customers, and you may even have great cash flow, but how does your project pipeline look like? If you are having trouble with delivery dates, conflict resolution, and quality control, the best way to address these issues is by building a system that works. Learn more here. 

Your business can function like a well-oiled machine when there are well-designed systems in place. Here are 5 factors that will act as your system's pillar stones:

Employee onboarding and training

When you hire new talent, you want new employees to hit the ground running. There should be a system in place for employee onboarding. It's not about printing out a comprehensive manual or script to let employees know what to do. It is about pairing them with other, more experienced team members that will act as their mentors. As they build up momentum and deliver value to your company, enhance that value by investing in training programs.  

A rapid and efficient onboarding process tied with ongoing training programs will render you an unstoppable workforce. 

Keep track of the market

If the phrase "we've been doing this for years" sounds familiar when it comes to changing your way to approach customers, then you should probably revisit your strategies. Today more than ever, markets are changing incredibly fast. Adaptation is the only way to survive in this new paradigm. That said, you need not spend millions or thousands of dollars in order to keep up with the trends. You just need to be informed and prepared. Build strategies based on hard data and market intelligence

Trust employees and delegate

If you are too busy trying to solve everything in your company, then you are just becoming a bottleneck. This situation is dangerous for your personal health and your company. We have mentioned working culture as a key factor for your company's success in other articles. Implement a culture that respects and trusts employees to do the right thing at the right moment. This is not to say that you should blindly rely on team members and walk away. A finely tuned working culture is one that has a system in which employees communicate with one another via the company's construction management software solution, and has a clear decision process anyone can follow. This will save precious time when it comes to key and simple decisions. 

Quality assurance

Quality has quickly become a commodity, but only up to a certain level. Although customers expect a job well done for their money, there is also plenty of room to impress your customers. We have mentioned Toyota's way of assuring quality in their manufacturing process. Toyota's kaizen has been adopted throughout the company, not just the manufacturing line; moreover, hundreds of companies around the world have implemented this methodology and have experienced the results first hand. 

Change adoption efficiency

The world is changing at a never-before-seen pace. Keeping up with the latest trends is not only an obligation, it is the only way to keep your business alive. It may seem like a paradox to establish systems, only to see them be wiped out by new coming trends. However, you can also design a process in which changes can be quickly adopted and implemented in your organization. 

Build a system, and your company will succeed. 

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