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7 ways to improve safety culture in construction sites

Construction is typically known as one of the most physically challenging jobs. Not only because workers need a certain amount of strength or ability to fulfill their job, but also because of the ongoing risks of injuries and accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 1 in every 10 construction workers is injured each year. Although surely every construction company knows this already and must comply with government safety regulations, it is always worth reinforcing safety culture in construction sites. Here are seven ways you can improve safety culture within your organization.

As everyday tasks become routine, workers might feel overconfident about their ability to be safe in construction sites. This is why building a strong safety culture is so important. Consider these tips as a way to reinforce safety:

Always be alert

Work areas might have been in fine conditions the day before, but something might have happened overnight. Always be alert and check work areas before starting a task.

Check equipment before using

Check cables, electric outlets, drills, and other tools before using them. Avoid electrocution or injuring yourself with loose equipment. 

Install proper fencing

High-rise buildings and deep excavations are the perfect settings for near-fatal or fatal falls. Install proper fencing around these areas. Every time, just before entering the site or starting a task, check that all fencing is still in proper order. 

Carry a first-aid kit at all times

Although this might sound or feel bulky, carrying a small first-aid kit is always a good idea. Be it for yourself or a colleague, a first-aid kit can buy enough time before emergency help reaches you. Even if you are not a construction worker but visit and supervise often, carrying a small kit in your tool belt, bag, or pocket can prevent serious consequences.

Ensure proper lighting

Be it day or night, proper lighting will not only ensure quality work, but it will also help prevent injuries. 

Communicate hazards with others

If you find something out of place, that needs repair, or removal, notify the situation immediately to the rest of the team. You can leave a note or flag in your construction management software. This will ensure that everyone on the team knows about it before going into work. 

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