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Actions That Will Prevent Heat Exhaustion at Your Construction Site

Preventing heat exhaustion should be a priority for every worker in the trade. Contractors don't want to be short crew members when work is at the most fast-paced of the year, and laborers definitely need to avoid the long term effects of a heat-related spell. Heat exhaustion is often overlooked as an aspect of job site safety, and “deal with it” is by no means an effective measure to handle the summer heat.

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Energy Efficient Homes and Why You Should Be Building Them

If energy efficient techniques were incorporated into all buildings, transportation and industrial processes, the AEC industry could significantly reduce energy consumption over the next 30 years. Energy efficiency is already being applied to commercial and residential projects, but as tech-wise construction becomes the industry standard, there will be more demand for energy efficient homes, and here’s why you should be building them.

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Engineering and Construction Trends to Watch in 2017

In December, we took a look at what 2016 meant for your company. We’re halfway through 2017, and the growth and predictions that were forecast at the end of last year have now shown some signs of truth or failure. Despite less than perfect spending in 2016, engineering and construction professionals have remained optimistic, while economists wait to see the five percent growth predicted this year by Dodge Data & Analytics.

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BuildBinder CEO Talks Tech-wise Construction

The construction industry is full of good intentions—placing priority on sustainable buildings, making continuous efforts to reduce waste and maximize resources, and even standardizing software and processes, to improve the quality of life for executives, owners, project managers, and developers alike.

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What Clients Expect When Working with Architects

Hall overlooking city with 3 people talking in a tall building.

Technology has equipped our society with newfound flexibility, collaboration and exploration. We’ve come to crave change and welcome wonder. Outside of a few scientific revelations and industry improvements, client demands are almost single-handedly responsible for how architecture has changed with time.

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What Construction Workers Value Most in Their Jobs

There's a question looming in the construction industry, and it's one that's only going to become more present as the years pass by, “Where has all the skilled labor gone?” There are roughly 143,000 vacant construction jobs nationwide. This shortage represents not only a lack of skilled labor, but an overwhelming implication that the jobs that are available simply aren’t attractive to qualified candidates.

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5 Predictable Ways to Manage Multiple Construction Projects

Construction projects are filled with complexity and overwhelmed with information, but without the complexity and overwhelm of multiple projects, the construction business would grow stagnant.

The key to managing multiple construction projects at once lies in the predictability of your process. That’s right. This is the exact moment where predictable expert advice and boring industry standards can work in your favor. Managing multiple projects simultaneously is no easy task, but there are some smart ways to overcome any challenge that may come your way.

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