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How to Successfully Negotiate a Construction Contract

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Be it commercial or residential, owners always contact several construction firms or contractors to ask them to bid for their business. Each construction company, architect or contractor knows their own capabilities and should know what their work is worth. Having said that, many a construction firm wants to win over the project, and if not careful, might close the deal at a lower benefit than expected. Avoid the contract trap, and seek a win-win situation with your next client.

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Problem Solving in Construction

When the end of a construction project is near, results must be measured. If results aren't the ones you and your team expected, then clearly something went wrong in the process. It's not enough to only check the end result, the whole process needs to be evaluated as it goes. Learn more about proper problem solving in construction. 

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The Role of an Architect in a Construction Project

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An architect is the mind behind a design that is both artistic and functional. She is approached by an owner, sponsor or group of stakeholders, and summoned to an initial meeting to hear out the group's needs and wants. An architect is also vigilant of the construction project, from the moment the idea has sprouted until the construction site has been finished. Furthermore, the architect is the go-to person whenever there is a need for clarification or guidance in any future occasion. Read more about the role of an architect in a construction project.

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Construction Material Innovators

Innovation in construction is not just about finding new and daring designs, it is also about finding materials that can make a positive impact on the construction site itself, the environment, and your bottom line. Read more about how construction material innovators are changing the construction scene today. 

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Concrete in Modern Construction Projects

The Apex of a Modern Building seen from the bottom.

Construction has evolved along with world history. Since the ancient Roman Empire, concrete has been a major component used in the most wondrous constructions. Although contemporary concrete based edifices might come across as cold solid cubes, one has to find the right person to combine art and structural knowledge to render breath taking concrete based structures. 

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How to Ace your Construction Management Estimation

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One of the toughest things to do in construction management is to have an accurate budget estimation. There are a number of factors that alter the end result, and with enough miscalculations, your project can end up being a costly endeavour. Which is why making sure you have the following factors in place is of the utmost importance. 

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